Where in the World are Volcanoes?

Why do volcanoes exist in certain parts of the world and not others? Learn about the role of plate tectonics and build your own plate tectonic model!

Grades: K-5 (learners of all ages are welcome!)

  1. For this activity you will need two separate sets of supplies. You can follow along or do the experiment along with us for either or both examples.
    • Ice cubes: at least 2 ice cubes OR 2 large frozen bowls of ice
    • At least 2 different colors of food coloring
    • Salt 
    • 2 large bowls (to put ice inside)
    • 2 small cups for mixing saltwater and pouring
    • 2 spoons for mixing
    • Paper towels
    • Cardboard
    • Coloring supplies (markers are best)
    • String (at least 4 feet long)
    • Sponge (if you have one)
    • Red tissue paper and/or cotton ball (if you have one)
  2. View or print this worksheet to help you build your subduction zone model.
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  4. Complete a weekly challenge (or both) at home or in your neighborhood.
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