Be an expert on the volcano in your backyard and become a Volcano Naturalist at Mount St. Helens. The Volcano Naturalist Course is a 12-week certification program offered by the Mount St. Helens Institute and U.S. Forest Service. Students in this course will have the opportunity to learn about the natural history of Mount St. Helens. Each class takes an in-depth look at a different subject, including the mountain’s eruptive history, the ecology of the blast zone, the cultural history of Mount St. Helens, and much more. Classes are led by an instructor who is an expert in his/her field. With over 40 hours of classroom instruction, and three hands-on field trips, participants leave the class not only as a certified Volcano Naturalist, but with a greater understanding and appreciation for the powerful geologic and ecological forces at play in their own community.

Registration for the 2019 Volcano Naturalist Program opens December 10, 2018.