Recommended Websites for Learning

All About Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center Website Fantastic collection of information, photographs, and video on both Mount St. Helens geology and ecology. Includes videos of scientist interviews.
Mount St. Helens webcam from Johnston Ridge Observatory. Take a glimpse into the crater!
Mount St. Helens Fact Sheet 2013-3014 Learn about what’s been going on at Mount St. Helens since the 1980 eruption in this factsheet created by the United States Geological Survey and the US Forest Service. Contains linked videos!
USGS-CVO webpage This is the place to go for facts and information relating to Mount St. Helens prepared by the experts at Cascades Volcano Observatory.
US Army Corps of Engineers Learn about the Army Corps of Engineers work to control sediments and reduce flood hazards near Mount St. Helens.


Learn the Science of GeoHazards

Smithsonian Global Volcanism Information about the volcanoes of the World, including the world weekly Volcanic Activity Reports.
This Dynamic Planet Interactive map of the world volcanoes, earthquakes, impact craters, and plate tectonics
Living with a Volcano in Your Backyard An Educator's Guide to Mount Rainier prepared by the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory
USGS Earthquake Animations Animations to help you understand common earthquake terminology.
Earthquake Basics Get information about how plate tectonics works, earthquake waves, how earthquakes are located, and how earthquakes and their impacts are measure from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.
PNW Earthquakes Sources Learn about what makes tectonic earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest
IRIS Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments Information about recent earthquake events, including the mechanics which caused it and its impact of humans.
Seismographs in Schools serves teachers across the country and around the world using seismic instruments or real-time seismic data in K-16 classrooms
IRIS Earthquake Education Page Explore and learn about earthquakes through IRIS’s many resources.
Global Earthquake Explorer Download software developed for non-seismologists to gather, display and analyze seismic data.
NOAA Tsunamis Background information, multimedia, lessons, and more from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
UNAVCO Hands on Demo: Measure a changing volcano
UNAVCO Module: Taking the Pulse of Yellowstone’s “Breathing” Volcano: Problem-Based Learning in America’s First National Park
UNAVCO Module: Detecting Cascadia’s changing shape with GPS
UNAVCO Activity: Episodic tremor and slip: The Case of the Mystery Earthquakes
UNAVCO Activity: Exploring tectonic motions using GPS velocity maps


Stay Informed and Prepare

USGS Volcano Hazards Program Get up-to-date information about US volcanoes.  View the current activity levels, hazard assessments, and fact sheets.  Sign up for automatic notifications via Volcano Notification Service (VNS)!
Prepare for Volcanic Activity Get advice from Cascades Volcano Observatory about how to be ready and plan for volcanic activity.

USGS- Cascades Volcano Observatory Learn about volcanic hazards hazard maps and information on preparedness.
Washington Military Department, Emergency Management Division Preparedness information and volcano hazard response plans.

ShakeOut Learn about earthquake safety and participate in a ShakeOut drill. Get more information about earthquakes and safety.

Tsunami Evacuation Brochures for Oregon

Tsunami Evacuation Brochures for Washington



Cascades Volcano Hazard Maps

Earthquake Hazard Maps: Oregon 

Earthquake Hazard Maps: Washington

Washington State Geologic Information Portal (from Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources)
National Map USGS topographic maps and other types of maps

National Geologic Map Database A searchable database of geologic maps.  Some maps are downloadable as kmz files which you can open in Google Earth.


Track Earth's Activity


Weekly Global Volcanic Activity Report

Alerts and Activity at US Volcanoes

Sign up for USGS Volcanic Notification Service

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network View the recent seismic activity of the volcanoes in the Cascades:

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network View earthquake data, viewable in both real-time as well as searchable historical records.

USGS Worldwide Earthquake Map

Did You Feel It? If you feel an earthquake, scientists want to know! Report it here.

NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Check for tsunami warning and sign up for alerts.


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