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Mount St. Helens Institute volunteers have helped visitors from all over the world explore and learn about Mount St. Helens for over 20 years. They build the connection between person and place by engaging and teaching people of all ages and help everyone enjoy and appreciate this spectacular volcanic landscape. Have fun, explore the outdoors, share nature with others, and become a volunteer.




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Volunteer Opportunities in 2019

Interested in any of the following opportunities in 2019? Please complete an application now, and our volunteer department will contact you when we begin the recruitment process for these programs.

Volunteer Philosophy Statement

The Mount St. Helens Institute connects people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to Mount St. Helens and our natural world. The support of volunteers allows the Mount St. Helens Institute to deliver and create impactful educational programs and experiences and to reach a larger and broader audience. Our volunteers are vital to our efforts as they facilitate the connection between the public and the volcano by providing accurate, informative, and engaging experiences for all individuals. 
Volunteer Application Fee - Donation
The Mount St. Helens Institute has a suggested new volunteer application fee of $10. This fee supports volunteer uniforms, a background check, and a volunteer certification scholarship fund. This is an optional donation that provides support for the volunteer program.