Books About Mount St. Helens

Below is a list of  recommended books about Mount St. Helens.  All of these books are solely about Mount St. Helens and the most recent was published in 2015.

Anderson, David A. Images of America: Mount St. Helens. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2013.

Bilderback, David, ed. Mount St. Helens 1980: Botanical Consequences of the Explosive Eruptions. Berkeley: UC Press, 1987.

Carson, Rob. Mount St. Helens: The Eruption and Recovery of a Volcano. Seattle: Sasquatch Books, 2000.

Colasurdo, Christine. Return to Spirit Lake: Life and Landscape at Mount St. Helens. Astoria, OR: Radiolarian Press, 2010.

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Dale, Virginia H., Frederick J. Swanson and Charles M. Crisafulli, Ecological Responses to the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens. New York, NY: Springer, 2005.

Foxworthy, Bruce L. and Mary Hill. Volcanic Eruptions of 1980 at Mount St. Helens: The First 100 Days (U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 1249). Washington, D.C.: U.S. Geological Survey, 1982.

Frenzen, Peter et al. Mount St. Helens, Biological Research Following the 1980 Eruptions: An Indexed Bibliography and Research Abstracts (1980-1993). General Technical Report PNW-GTR-342. Portland: U.S.D.A., Forest Service, 1994.

Goodrich, Charles, Kathleen Moore and Frederick Swanson, eds. In the Blast Zone: Catastrophe and Renewal on Mount St. Helens. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2008.

Guggenheim, Alan. Spirit Lake People: Memories of Mount St. Helens. Gresham: Salem Press, 1986.

Holmes, Kenneth L. Mount St. Helens: Lady with a Past. Salem, OR: Salem Press, 1980.

Keller, S.A.C., editor. Mount St. Helens: Five Years Later. Cheney: Eastern Washington University Press, 1986.

_______________. Mount St. Helens: One Year Later. Cheney: Eastern Washington University Press, 1982.

Kelso, Linda. Volcano: First Seventy Days: Mount St. Helens, 1980. Beaverton, OR: Beautiful America Publishing Co., 1980.

Koenninger, Tom, ed. Mount St. Helens Holocaust: A Diary of Destruction. Produced by The Columbian, Inc. Lubbock, Texas: C.F. Boone Publishers, Inc., 1980.

Le Guin, Ursula K. In The Red Zone. Northridge, CA: Lord John Press, 1983.

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Olson, Steve. Eruption: The Untold Story of Mount St. Helens. New York: Norton, 2015.

Palmer, Leonard and KOIN TV Newsroom 6. Mt. St. Helens: The Volcano Explodes! Portland, OR: Lee Enterprises, 1980.

Parchman, Frank. Echoes of Fury: The 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens and the Lives It Changed. WA: Epicenter Press, 2005.

Perry, Ronald W. and Michael K. Lindell. Living with Mount St. Helens. Pullman: Washington State University Press, 1990.

Pringle, Patrick. Roadside Geology of Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and Vicinity. Olympia: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources, 2002.

Romano, Craig & Aaron Theisen. Day Hiking Mount St. Helens. Seattle: Mountaineers, 2015.

Rosen, Shirley. Truman of St. Helens: The Man and His Mountain. Seattle: Madrona Publishers, 1981.

Rosenfeld, Charles and Robert Cooke. Earthfire: The Eruption of Mount St. Helens. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1982.

Sherrod, David, William E. Scott and Peter H. Stauffer, eds. A Volcano Rekindled: The Renewed Eruption of Mount St. Helens, 2004-2006. US Geological Survey Professional Paper 1750. Reston, VA: US Geological Survey, 2008.

Sieh, Kerry and Simon LeVay. Mount St. Helens: Photographs by Frank Gohlke. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2005.

Snyder, Gary. Danger on Peaks: Poems. Washington, DC: Shoemaker & Hoard, 2004.

Tilling, Robert, et al. Eruptions of Mount St. Helens: Past, Present, and Future. Washington, DC: US Geological Survey, 1990.

Vielbig, Klindt. A Complete Guide to Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument for Hiking, Climbing, Skiing & Nature Viewing. Seattle: The Mountaineers, 1997.

Waitt, Richard. In the Path of Destruction: Eyewitness Chronicles of Mount St. Helens. Pullman, WA: WSU Press, 2015.

Williams, Chuck. Mount St. Helens: A Changing Landscape. Portland: Graphic Arts Center, 1980.

List of books kindly selected and provided by Christine Colasurdo.