October 22, 2022

The road to Climbers Bivouac is CLOSED for the season.

Climbing conditions and weather are highly variable from sunny to snowing and bitter cold, to wet and windy. Frequently check conditions and forecasts.

Sunrise: 7:58 am

Sunset: 5:53 pm

Climbing permits are required year-round. From April 1 - November 30, permits must be purchased online in advance through Visitor our permits page for more information. From December 1 - March 31 permits are free, unlimited, and self-issued at the trailhead.


Trailhead - Marble Mtn Snowpark: 

Route finding: Do not just follow the "fall-line" on your descent ("fall line" is if you were to roll a ball down the hill, it would travel with gravity and that would take you off-route). Route finding may be challenging, especially in dense cloud or fog; be sure to know the route and carry a map and compass or navigation equipment. Route finding through boulders is necessary in summer conditions.

Glissading: Always make sure you can see where you're glissading to. Watch out for exposed rocks.

Forecast: Conditions are highly variable. See the forecast links below. 

Gear: Be prepared for cold and wet conditions, wind, fog, and snow.

Leave No Trace: Climbers are required to utilize blue bags to pack out all human or pet waste, including toilet paper. 

Camping: There is dispersed camping and pit toilets available at the trailheads, but no running water, and bathroom services may be limited so please bring your own toilet paper, soap, water, or hand sanitizer. Please plan accordingly. 

Photos courtesy of Andy Goodwin

Additional Forecast & Condition Resources

See the U.S. Forest Service Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument website for more information.

FIRE: Incident Information System has the most up to date info on all fires (prescribed or wild) around the country, or Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. Visit Washington Smoke Information, Washington's Air Monitoring Network and AirNow for the latest in Air Quality and forecasting. 

WEATHER: point forecasts- Marble Mountain SnoPark (2,700ft) and mid-slope (6,200ft) provides forecasts at three different elevations: summit 8,328ft, mid-slope 6,500ft and just above the trailhead 3,200ft.

AVALANCHE: Visit the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center for the most up-to-date avalanche forecast information during winter months.

SNOWPACK: Visit these SNOTEL sites for recent snow pack readings on the south side of Mount St. Helens- June Lake (3,400ft) and Swift Creek (4,400ft).

This conditions report is provided in conjunction with the US Forest Service, and is intended for personal and recreational purposes only.  Safe backcountry travel requires preparation and planning, and this information may be used for planning purposes but does not provide all the information necessary for backcountry travel. Advanced mountaineering education is strongly encouraged for winter climbing.  

The user acknowledges that it is impossible to accurately predict natural events in every instance, and the accuracy or reliability of the information provided here is not guaranteed in any way. This report describes general conditions and local variations will always occur. This report expires 24 hours after the posted time unless noted otherwise.

Have a more recent report? We would love to hear from you! Email your conditions update to, photos welcome.