Apply to be a GeoGirl

GeoGirls is a geology and technology field camp for middle school girls (cis and transgender) graduating from 7th and 8th grade in Oregon and Washington. It is a chance to explore volcanoes and how scientists monitor them. It is also a time for girls build science confidence, camp and hike in the outdoors and work with professional women scientists. During the course of the overnight field-based camp, girls will tour Mount St. Helens, visit researchers in action, conduct a focused research project with real scientists, visit the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory and conduct a volcanic crisis mission that builds on concepts learned throughout the week. This program is FREE for all youth.

GeoGirls 2024 is calling 20 middle school girls (cis and transgender) graduating from 7th & 8th grade in Washington and Oregon!  This program is FREE for all middle school and high school youth thanks to generous donors & supporters.

Applications for GeoGirls 2024 are now CLOSED for 2024! Applications will reopen January 10, 2025 and close March 1, 2025.


How to Apply:

Tips for Applying:

  • Be sure to complete all application materials by the application deadline!  This includes double-checking with your teacher to make sure they have completed your recommendation form.
  • Let your personality shine!  We are looking for a diverse set of girls and selections will be based on each applicant’s interest in science, social and/or financial need, and how participation in this program can benefit her. Girls will be selected to develop a diverse team, reflective of the community.
  • Before you begin your application, read over this criteria guide to help you understand how we will make decisions about GeoGirls selections.  When you write your essays, be sure to include information about yourself that lets us know how you fit these criteria. 
  • The application essays are a chance for us to get to know you: what is your interest in the program and how do you think you can benefit from the program. 
  • Before you submit your application, read over your essays and ask yourself:
    • Does this sound like me? 
    • Did I let them know why I am excited about GeoGirls? 
    • Did I let them know how I think GeoGirls could benefit me? 

Application essays must be written by the GeoGirls applicant herself.

Frequently Asked Questions about GeoGirls applications:

  • GeoGirls applications undergo a thorough review process by multiple reviewers who are professional female geoscientists and Mount St. Helens Institute staff and volunteers. Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria. Read more in our tips for applicants! 
  • We do NOT interview applicants. Please provide as much detail as possible in your application so we can get our best sense of how special YOU are!
  • Our most challenging aspect about reviewing GeoGirls applications is when applicants list email addresses that are spelled incorrectly especially for teacher recommenders. Please double and triple check the spelling of your email, your parent/guardian email and your teacher email before submitting your application. Thank you!
  • We do NOT hold spots in GeoGirls for future years. If you apply and are accepted and cannot attend our camp, we encourage you to apply in future years. 
  • We are VERY strict with holding the age requirements listed on our website for applicants. If you are not old enough, we encourage you to apply when you reach the correct age! We will not review or accept applicants who are out of the listed age range. 
  • The application deadline for High School Mentors and Middle School GeoGirls youth is the same deadline. Both applications require recommendations from teachers. 

We are so excited about your interest in GeoGirls!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our education team by emailing