Family Adventure Camp

Enjoy, explore and learn about Mount St. Helens with the whole family!  We will hike and play, create art, and get nerdy about the geology and ecology of Mount St. Helens.  Activities are designed for youth, adults, and intergenerational teams. 


Families with youth of all ages.  We welcome families of all ages, backgrounds, and structures.  ​We welcome children and families with special needs, please contact to discuss accommodations.   Youth are the responsibility of a parent or guardian at all times.


Family Adventure Camp begins on Saturday and ends on Sunday.  Family Adventure Camp includes "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" time for camper choice, with options including hiking, playing, creating art, and getting nerdy about the geology and ecology of Mount St. Helens in the blast zone!  Families are also welcome to relax with freetime activities.

Meals will be provided and will be eaten outdoors.  Read our program policies, including COVID-19 pandemic specific policies.


Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center and nearby locations

Campers will sleep at Coldwater Camp, with spectacular views of Mount St. Helens, Coldwater Lake, and the Mount Margaret backcountry!  The site includes picnic tables and benches, a portable toilet.  The site has NO running water.  Fires are not permitted.  The campsite is within walking distance (~1/4 mile) from the Science and Learning Center, where indoor restrooms with running water will be available.


  • July 10-11 2021
  • September 4-5 2021


$95 per person.  Youth 4 years of age and younger may attend at no additional charge.  A limited amount of need-based financial assistance for summer camps will be available.  You may apply for financial assistance HERE.  Click HERE to review eligibility criteria.