Virtual Views & Brews: Earthquake Early Warning in the PNW

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
6:00 pm7:00 pm

ShakeAlert is an earthquake early warning system that can protect people and infrastructure in the event of a quake. Jenny Crayne, science educator with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and USGS ShakeAlert will explain how ShakeAlert works and what it means for people in the PNW.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are related hazards in Cascadia. In honor of the 41st anniversary of the Mt. St Helens eruption, join us in learning how earthquakes and volcanoes are related, and how science and technology have advanced since 1980 to help us better understand and prepare for tectonic hazards.

This event will be live streamed on Facebook and uploaded to our YouTube channel the following day.

Photo courtesy of Brad Johnson.