Summer Camp Financial Assistance

The Mount St. Helens Institute believes that all youth should be able to benefit from learning at Mount St. Helens regardless of their ability to pay. Due to the generous support of donors and sponsors, financial assistance may be available to families that meet our requirements.


Eligibility is determined based on the federal poverty level, median state (Washington and Oregon) income and USDA child nutrition income guidelines.  Income includes salaries, wages, alimony, child support, social security, disability, public assistance, etc. Mount St. Helens Institute will also consider extenuating family circumstances. Priority may be given to families residing in neighboring communities in Cowlitz, Lewis, Skamania and Clark Counties


  • Your household income and family size fall within our financial assistance matrix, OR
  • Your family has documented extenuating needs


Family Size
Annual Income/Household
2 <$20,000 <$32,000 <$44,000 <$55,000
3 <$25,000 <$37,000 <$49,000 <$60,000
4 <$30,000 <$42,000 <$54,000 <$65,000
5 <$35,000 <$47,000 <$59,000 <$70,000
6 <$40,000 <$52,000 <$64,000 <$75,000
7 <$45,000 <$57,000 <$69,000 <$80,000
8+ Please contact
Percent Assistance
50% 37.5% 25% 12.5%

MSHI's Financial Assistance Matrix was created using poverty and median income rates to determine a flat rate of change by percent assistance and family size.



  1. Complete the financial assistance application form HERE.  Contact or call (360) 449-7883 if you are unable to complete this application online.
  2. This application only needs to be completed once per family/household. 
  3. Applications will be considered as they are received. The Mount St. Helens Institute may require supporting documentation on income or circumstances. Assistance will be provided based on eligibility and available funds.
  4. The Mount St. Helens Institute will notify you of your financial assistance status which may include: a full or partial award, registration code, wait-list for financial aid or not eligible for assistance.