In Memory of Our Friend, Hal Hiemstra

Our friend and advocate, Hal Hiemstra, passed away on Thursday, July 20, 2023. Donations to the Mount St. Helens Institute in his memory can be made here.

Hal had been helping MSHI pursue our vision at Coldwater for the last two years. He knew the ins and outs of navigating federal politics. He was patient with me as I asked a billion-and-one curious questions about the process. As a native Washingtonian and outdoors person, Hal knew and connected with exactly what we were striving for. He loved Mount St. Helens. In my time as Executive Directorr at MSHI, and especially while working on our Coldwater project, I have seen the power of finding folks to help you achieve your dreams, folks who are experts and share your passion. There is almost nothing better than getting to make big things happen with your friends, and I consider Hal a good friend. We're incredibly sad to not continue this journey with him, but we will stay the course in his memory. We miss you, Hal. ~ Ray Yurkewycz, Executive Director