Event Volunteers

The Mount St. Helens Institute has public events on and off the mountain throughout the year, and we depend on volunteer support to make each one a success. From our summer event series at the Science & Learning Center on Mount St. Helens to the Volcano Views & Brews series in Portland, Vancouver, & Longview, we have events that cater to audiences of all ages and locations around the mountain. Event volunteers do a little bit of everything, including greeting guests, leading a family craft activity, or collecting admission. The roles may change at each event, but MSHI’s dependence on the support of great volunteers is constant. Whether you want to help us out on a continual basis or just for one event, we’re glad to have your support as an event volunteer.

Upcoming Events & Projects:

•    5/13/17: It’s a Blast!

It's a Blast is the annual event to mark the reopening of the Johnston Ridge Observatory for the season and the commemorate the 1980 eruption. This event is a fundraiser for the Mount St. Helens Institute and helps support youth education programs. We’re looking for volunteers who can help with craft and educational activities designed for participants of all ages.

If you would like to help with any of the events above, please contact the Volunteer Director for more information: awatson@mshinstitute.org.

Required Qualifications:

  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Willingness to be flexible, and help out where needed.
  • At least 14 years old, or be supervised by parent or guardian if between the ages of 10 and 13. Volunteers between the ages of 14-17 will need permission from a parent or guardian.

Time Commitment:
    This volunteer assignment is extremely flexible. Volunteers can join us for one event, or help us out throughout the summer on a number of different events and projects. To help out on a more ongoing basis, please complete a volunteer application. To volunteer once for a specific event, please register in the upcoming events section.

Recruitment Information:

Due to the fact that most of our events are offered during the summer, we recruit ongoing volunteers for this role beginning in February and ending in July.

Submit a Volunteer Application


Do you have further questions about being an Events Volunteer? Please email Allison Watson, the Volunteer Programs Director for the Mount St. Helens Institute.