Communication & Outreach Volunteers

The Mount St. Helens Institute is looking for individuals with a professional or educational background in media, communications, and/or marketing to join our community, and share their experience as Communications and Outreach Volunteers. These volunteers will assist the Mount St. Helens Institute Development Director and Executive Director with a variety of communications and media projects.

The purpose of this volunteer assignment is to support MSHI’s media, marketing, and communications initiatives. Communications and Outreach Volunteers will assist MSHI’s team in preparing communication outputs, marketing research, and help staff build the local and regional media profile of MSHI. In addition, this assignment will gather and collect communications materials from programs, fundraising initiatives including events, volunteers, and staff.

Submit an application to become a Communication & Outreach Volunteer.*

*This is an unpaid volunteer assignment. This volunteer assignment has the option to be an unpaid internship for student volunteers. To be an internship, it requires students to be currently enrolled in an academic program and for the assignment to match the school’s criteria for an internship as a credited course.

Duties of Communications and Outreach Volunteers Include:

  • With Development Director and Executive Director develop a Communications Strategy.
  • Train staff and volunteers on electronic communication and program documentation methods, including but not limited to Video blogs.
  • Systematically collect visual documentation of programming (video, photos, exc.)
  • Compile and edit visual pieces for dissemination to donors, members, staff, the Board of Directors, exc.
  • Draft and compile a monthly online MSHI update which will include a video blog/video compilation
  • Draft and compile a quarterly print newsletter.
  • Work with programs team to ensure accurate and up to date information is provided on the website.
  • Manage MSHI’s social media accounts: updating MSHI’s social media accounts, responding to queries as necessary

Required Qualifications

  • At least 18 years old
  • Ability to conduct volunteer work at Mount St. Helens Institute office in Vancouver and on Mount St. Helens is preferable. Volunteering out of the Vancouver office at minimum is mandatory for this assignment.
  • Strong written and communications skills in English. Fluency in Spanish is highly desirable;
  • Experience with press releases, newspaper or article drafting and editing, graphic design and layout, website building, in design, photography/videography;
  • Interest in science and the outdoors with a desire to engage people in supporting our youth education, exploration, science and stewardship objectives

Time Commitment

Communication and Outreach volunteers need to be available at minimum from June through August, 8 hours per week. Volunteer assignment times are flexible, but will be available primarily between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday, with the option for some weekend volunteer opportunities.

If an individual’s schedule allows, this volunteer assignment has the option of beginning in May and continuing past August; additional opportunities for volunteer hours exceeding 8 hours a week are also available.

Do you have further questions about being a Communication & Outreach Volunteer? Please email Allison Watson, the Volunteer Programs Director for the Mount St. Helens Institute.