Field Seminars

Since 2000, our field seminars have helped educate hundreds of people about the wild wonders of Mount St. Helens. We’ve taken people exploring on the Pumice Plain, led them to the volcano’s summit, showed them the stars, and shared with them the history of the eruption and how it changed the land. Our seminars are taught by highly experienced instructors who are passionate about their topic and eager to share their knowledge with the public. Seminars are open to all ages. Youth under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.



April 14-15 - NOLS Wilderness First Aid at the Science and Learning Center (For detailed course info, click here)

May 26 - Tracking and Animal Signs

July 21 - Pumice Plain Ecology

July 28 - Awesome Hike

August 9-12 - Loowit Backpacking

August 18 - Awesome Hike 

August 23- 25 - GeoWomen

August 25 - Awesome Hike

September 7-9 - Beginner Backpacking

September 15 - Awesome Hike

September 22 - Autumn Art

September 29 - Fall Colors Driving Tour

October 6 - Mushroom Foraging

October 13 - Mushroom Foraging

October 14 - Mushroom Foraging

October 20 - Mushroom Foraging

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