Difficulty Rating | MSHI Guided Programs





Paved or ADA listed trail.

Comfortable using ADA trails in outdoors.


2-4 miles. Less than 1000 feet elevation gain. On trail but may have rocky or uneven terrain.

Ability to walk 4-6 miles comfortably. Comfortable with uneven or rocky terrain.


5-8 miles. Between 1000’ and 2000’ elevation gain. May include off-trail slopes, steep areas and/or rocky sections.

Regular vigorous exercise.  Walk/hike 8+miles at least 2x/month.


8+miles. Between 2000’ and 5000’ elevation gain with very steep section. Off trail and on unstable, rocky or loose terrain.

Regular vigorous exercise and at least 3x/week.


12+ miles and significant elevation gain. Travel requiring mountaineering or other noted skills. May be technical.

Additional training and significant experience in wilderness activities.

Difficulty varies from person to person, trail to trail, day to day; therefore, this is a general guide. Weather challenges (whether from heat or cold) can make an easy trail difficult. Determination and attitude can also affect perceived difficulty.

*If you have concerns about your physical abilities to be successful on a specific program, please contact us to discuss training, custom programs and/or alternatives programs.