September 26, 2016 update

Warm summer weather punctuated by cold, wet and icy conditions. More cold, wet and icy to come... 

The snow has been gone for quite some time. These early autumn days alternate between hot/dry and cold/wet. This week looks sunny with a transition to cold and snow starting Thursday evening into next week. Please be prepared for a variety of conditions by checking the below forecast before you travel. For warm conditions, water is most impoortant. Each person should have at least 4 liters.  Be prepared for cold/wet conditions by having appropriate winter climbing gear and strong navigational/orienteering ability.

See the U.S. Forest Service Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument website for more information.

WEATHER: point forecasts- Marble Mountain SnoPark (2,700ft) and mid-slope (6,200ft) provides forecasts at three different elevations: summit 8,328ft, mid-slope 6,500ft and just above the trailhead 3,200ft.

AVALANCHE: Visit the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center for the most up to date avalanche forecast information.

SNOWPACK: Visit these SNOTEL sites for recent snow pack readings on the south side of Mount St. Helens- June Lake (3,400ft) and Swift Creek (4,400ft).